• 05/02/2019

    The first Brain-Pleasing Marketing Bootcamp arrives at ESADE Creapolis

    This March, from Wednesday 6 to Friday 8, we will experience another adrenaline rush at ESADE Creapolis.

    I say ‘another’ because last summer we already lived something similar in the Changing the Game of Retail Bootcamp. Now, we will repeat this transformative experience but with one difference: this one will be a multisector bootcamp -products, services, associations, etc- in order to learn from people with different sensibilities. It is going to be the first event of these characteristics in Spain.

    A reduced group of managers will be 2,5 days putting innovation into practice. The brain-pleasing marketing methods will be learnt by experiencing them. Thus, we will learn the way to create a positive sentiment and the customers’ sustained preference towards a brand, product or experience, on the basis of how the brain works.

    We will not seek ‘best practices’, but ‘next practices’.

    It will be an intense and passionate workshop for daring people, not the typical academic program with a sequence of powerpoints. We will use an interactive methodology in which we will work in small groups.

    Moreover, we will have the privilege of having Sebastià Serrano and Montse Maresch as guests speakers. For my part, I will share the methods and guide the dynamics during the group work.

    If you want to be part of this adventure, you can find all the information here.

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  • 30/11/2018

    Going beyond emotional connection to make customers choose us repeatedly.

    © Photo Josep Maria Ribes

    Often, we listen to business people talking about the need to create an emotional connection with their clients. Indeed, I have to admit that some years ago even I believed that this should be the core objective to be achieved by any company.

    Knowing the customers’ preferences allows us to adapt our brand, products or services to their tastes, keeping them preferring us instead of our competitors. Until recently, understanding the emotional impact that a brand or product had on a customer was pretty much indecipherable, but for some years now the so called ‘neuromarketing techniques’ have made life easier for the companies in this regard.

    However, thanks to neuroscience we know that while connecting emotionally to our customers is a must in order to raise their interest in our brand, this will not ensure that they keep preferring us over other brands.

    That is why, more than an emotional connection, we need to create a positive sentiment in our clients. This will allow that they keep choosing us again and again, and that they end up saying ‘This is my brand’.

    In my latest article on LinkedIn I explain more in detail the importance of distinguishing between emotion and sentiment, and how to create this sentiment towards a given brand. You can read the complete text on this link.

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  • 28/05/2018

    Building a brand with neuroscience methods

    Endless corn fields in front of your eyes: so much corn that after a while looking at the same landscape, it doesn’t seem nothing especially exciting and becomes ‘invisible’.

    The same thing also happens in business: when there is a lot of something and it all looks the same, people don’t see it. In business, the corn would be what we call a commodity.

    While selling a commodity may be relatively easy, the commodity zone is a tricky place to be at: it is a fruitful ground for price wars.

    However, the good news is that a commodity can be turned into something much more interesting. Based on Fernando Trias de Bes, people are ready to pay more for a product that is perceived both desirable and scarce. In order to do that, we have to create a brand.

    A brand is a mental representation in people’s minds. Once we understand how a brand works in people’s brains, we can also tap into the neuroscience-based methods to better manage those mental brand perceptions.

    You can read my analysis on how that can be done in practice in my latest post ‘How to turn a Commodity into a brain-pleasing Brand?’.
    Find it here.

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