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This is how we “cook ideas”​ at m+f=!

– May I come in?
– Of course! The door is open.

Welcome to our Kitchen of Ideas.

From the corridor, through the glass walls of the room, you can already see pondering faces and a hand running over some paper on the wall, leaving behind words, circles, lines and arrows as it goes. “I like it”, someone states, “but what if this went here?” “Needs more twist!”, one announces. “Let’s keep on exploring new angles in depth!”

Although the room is seemingly calm, don’t let it trick you: it’s actually incredibly busy. Just entering it, one can feel the room getting filled with jazzy ideas and sparkly thoughts — some crazy, others less — and the minds there whirling together like never before. Suddenly a burst of laughter breaks the reflection mode and all join in. This is our Kitchen of Ideas (and indeed, of laughs as well) at m+f=!

Ven a ver cómo 'cocinamos' ideas en m+f=!

You have just landed right in the middle of a work in progress for an internationally known cosmetics brand.

Today we have two tasks: First, to structure the assortment, and second, to define the fixture concept of the cosmetics.

In both of them we must achieve two objectives:

  1. To be totally customer-centric, including perfect ergonomics and an intuitive usage. A frictionless customer experience must be assured.
  2. The result should also be a reflection of the brand sense and its core emotion. If another brand copies the fixture, it should not work well with other brands.

So, have you developed the brand sense previously?

Yes, together with a team of senior managers of the client company we defined the wished answer we would like to hear from the customers to the question: “Brand X, what do you mean to my life?” The answer, aiming at it also being the customers’ answer, is our GPS that guides our practical steps.

Today, with the assistance of Alba, a senior aestheticist, we will structure the assortment in such a way that it will become subtly talkative. Technically speaking, we are going to set the Semantic Structure of the Assortment, clustering it by a sequence of right criteria.

Let me tell you a secret: with this method, the assortment organisation becomes another, a subtle communication medium. However, many companies don’t take advantage of this amazing method. They simply think of the “layout” in a traditional way.

Do you want to see how we do it? Join the team!

Co-work behind beauty from m+f=! on Vimeo.

Great! The result looks really natural and intuitive. I’d love to be the customer right now because now you can navigate through the assortment in a very intuitive way. On top of that, clustering allows me to get easily to the product that fits me perfectly.

Okay, we have got the assortment organised, but now it must be placed somewhere. Let’s begin by crafting the fixture concept. This is also a part of the R&D activity of retail companies.

Let me introduce Carles, a model expert from L’esfera, and Jero, our graphic designer from artchandising.com. They will team up with us now.

First we need to define the maximum and the minimum size of the fixture, suitable for the majority of our customers.

Secondly, no matter the height of the shelf, the eye-hand coordination must be easy. We have to use three levels in the fixture and their inclination should facilitate a clear vision of the products. Ergonomics are crucial for a customer-centric purchasing experience.

Ven a ver cómo 'cocinamos' ideas en m+f=!

When thinking of how to facilitate customers to choose the colour, we realise the colour is perceived better from the bottom of the packaging.

Finally, let’s make a plastic model in the right proportion. Carles is doing an amazing job.

Ven a ver cómo 'cocinamos' ideas en m+f=!

Now is the moment to test the model by observing through the “customer’s eyes” what she sees by using a camera placed at the cartoon’s eyes. On the computer screen we can observe the customer’s vision, and that way, test the fixture model in a rather affordable way.

Ven a ver cómo 'cocinamos' ideas en m+f=!

This time, by testing the model, we have detected some issues.

– Oh, that’s a pity.

– Well, it is not a pity. It has saved our client from a wrong investment.

The Kitchen of Ideas is our lab. Working on a project is like working in a laboratory. This means we often find amazing results, however, other times it helps us avoid something the client actually shouldn’t go for. In any case, together with the client and other experts we always learn something and take a step forward.

This is the nature of our job, to use latest-generation marketing methods with one aim: to create brain-pleasing brands and customer experiences.

Game changers of different industries and countries come and ask us to shape together such amazing outcomes to transform their business.

You are privileged people, some say. Yes, that is right. Working together with bright managers using the edgy marketing methods is a privilege that we truly appreciate.

Yet, in reality we are not a typical marketing consultant agency, but a Catalytic Agent. We work together with small teams of people from our client companies: they become the real protagonists of the projects. We assist them, catalyse their talent, provide them with the latest-generation marketing methods and inspire their outcome.

And at the end we enjoy the moment sharing smiles and with a big celebration.

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