• 22/09/2017

    Giving It a Slight Twist: The Gimnàs Visió Case

    “But the centre is about to open in just a couple of weeks! Before talking to you I was relaxed about it… Now, I feel shaken up with this new approach,” Manuel Roure exclaimed. Own photo An appointment with Manuel Roure On December 2nd, 2016, I arrived in a small Catalan town called...

  • 09/11/2010

    THE STORE, AN EMOTIONAL SPACE_ Creating a moving story: the shopping process

    Image: JMF ABSTRACT Only recently neuroscience has provided evidence of the fact that the main route leading to decisions and preference creation is the unconcious emotional route. That is, the reasons behind the marketing mix, still adopted by many chains, have their shortcomings. The true function of retail chains is...

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