Workshop: Brain-pleasing marketing
ASEBUSS Business School
Bucharest, 19-20/03/19

“Bootcamp: Brain-pleasing marketing”
ESADE Creapolis
Barcelona, 6-8/03/19

“Es que no me haces caso! Aportaciones de la neurociencia a la persuasión”
Rotary Club Eixample
Barcelona, 29/11/18

“No sé por qué, pero me caes bien. Cómo hacer que la interacción humana en IKEA sea más placentera al cerebro”
Barcelona, 16/11/18

“PORTAOS BIEN, ¿VALE? Comportamiento del cliente e implicaciones de negocio en retail”
ESADE Creapolis
Barcelona, 8/11/18

“No sé por qué, pero me gustas.  Cómo la neurociencia puede ayudar al negocio mayorista de material eléctrico”
ABB Experience #4
Madrid, 14/11/18

“The cake is also for the small ones. Key brain-pleasing methods for service retailing”
Shopper Brain
Amsterdam, 8/11/18

“¿Cómo usar la neurociencia para crear conceptos de retail que sean agradables al cerebro?
Andorra’s Chamber of Comerce and Industry
Andorra, 7/11/18

“¿Cómo usar la neurociencia para crear conceptos de retail que sean agradables al cerebro?
Murcia Shops Forum 2018
Murcia, 28/10/18

“Neurociencia aplicada a vender mejor por web”
ESADE Alumni Lleida
Lleida, 20/09/18

“Retail Bootcamp: Cambiando el juego del Retail”
ESADE Creapolis
Barcelona, 6-8/06/18

“Book Presentation: Continuar? Vendre? Tancar?” (¿Continuar? ¿Vender? ¿Cerrar?)”
Lleida’s Chamber of Comerce
Lleida, 04/06/18

“Shaping a brain-pleasing city-retail solution”
Gemeente Hoogeveen and Retailink project
Hoogeveen, 05/04/18

“Practical aspects of influencing the buyer’s brain in a universal retail network”
Vedomosti & Popai Russia
Moscow, 22/3/18

“The role of neurobiology in creating effective concepts in retail”
Vedomosti & Popai Russia
Moscow, 22/3/18

“El plano del tesoro: La tecnología en la relación con los clientes”
School of Tourism & Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi
Barcelona, 05/3/18

“I don’t know why, but I love you! Neuroscience applied to the physical shopping experience”
In-Store Media
Madrid, 29/11/17

“Brain-pleasing customer experience in retail”
Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Sant Cugat, 16/11/17

“Neuroscience: semiotic versus semantic. Who wins?”
Club de Marketing de Esade Alumni
Barcelona, 15/11/17

“Philosophy vs. Cosmetic”
Savant E-Commerce
London, 3/11/2017

“Re-thinking customer experience for changing costumers “
Customer Experience International Congress
Santiago de Chile, 5 y 6/10/2017

“Brain-pleasing retail for OnOff customers”
Retail association Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, 26/09/2017

The channel strategy. Amazon and Whole foods”
Was this the heralded ‘retail revolution’? Discussion about the buyout of Whole Foods by Amazon. Esade Alumni
Barcelona, 19/09/2017

“Semantics vs semiotics.
Who is the winner?”
Popai European Packaging
Sant Cugat, 5/09/2017

“Customer experience with neuroscience”
Brands & Breakfast: Results that transform brands
Sant Cugat, 11/07/2017

Interactive session: “Don’t tire me!”
Savant E-Commerce
Amsterdam, 27/06/2017

“How to reduce customer’s tiredness when they manage purchasing information.
Savant E-Commerce
Amsterdam, 27/06/2017

“Retail transformation.
So what?”
Retail Revolution Creapolis
Barcelona, 18/05/2017

“The new OnOff customer of  retail”
Forum for interior design & retail
Barcelona, 4/05/2017

“Emotional marketing in the digital age”
Round Table for ROCA 100th anniversary
Barcelona, 27/04/2017

“Applied neuroscience to sell better on the web”
Esade Alumni
Valencia, 12/04/2017

“How to reduce Business Customers’ “System 2” tiredness when dealing with purchasing information”
Neuromarketing World Forum
London, 31/03/2017

Prefer me, darling. How to face the current challenges of marketing using neuroscience
Centro de Tecnología Capilar
Barcelona, 28/03/2017

“M-commerce: How to sell more and better to people who are now different
International Retail congress of Perú
Lima, 15/3/17

“Neuroscience applied to improve customer experience in retail”
International Retail congress of Perú
Lima, 15/03/2017

“Don’t tire me! – Neuromarketing for don’t tire your clients”
Esade Creapolis
Sant Cugat, 16/02/2017

“Retail pureplay to omnichannel“
Retail round table & investors day
Hostalric, 8/02/2017

“Communication is not only say, is to make feel.”
Banco Sabadell
Sant Cugat, 31/01/2017

“Neuroscience applied to marketing challenges
1st annual Winning & Retaining Customers conference
Moscow, 17/11/16

Shaping Customer Experience to Please the Brain“

Sedurre il Cliente: neuroscienze e customer experience
Verona, 15/11/16

“Methods for frictionless process when choosing”
Savant E-Commerce
London, 2/11/16

“How to reduce customer’s tiredness when they manage purchasing information
Shopper Brain Conference (organizado por NMSBA)
Amsterdam, 20/10/16

“How to face the current challenges of marketing using Neuroscience
Professional journeys at Cosmetorium
Fira internacional de Barcelona, 28/10/

“I shop, therefore I am. Applying neuroscience for a better retail experience”
Ajuntament Igualada. Lead partner RetaiLink project
Igualada, 2/06/2016

“Facing current marketing challenges using neuroscience”
Il primo convegno di neuromarketing in Italia – Certamente
Roma, 14/04/16

“Cómo el crecimiento de las e-shops impacta en la política de tiendas físicas”
Barcelona, 25/02/2016

“Tiendeo MWC Retail Event”
Event framed within the World Mobile Congress. Tiendeo
Barcelona, 23/02/2016

“Neuromarketing applied to m-commerce”
Chapter Esade Alumni
Milan, 4/11/2015

“Moving towards customer-centric retailing by utilising cutting-edge e-commerce and multichannel strategies.”
Savant events
London, 3/11/2015

“¿How to shape brain pleasing retail concepts at first sight?”
NMSBA (Neuromarketing Science & Business Association)
Amsterdam, 15/10/2015

“Understanding the psyche of the “always connected shopper” to inspire your demand driven supply chain ”
London, 7/10/15

“How neuromarketing can boost m-commerce for in-store conversions”
Worldwilde Business Research (WBR)
London, 21/05/2015

“El neuromarketing aplicado a m-commerce” to inspire your demand driven supply chain ”
Chapter ESADE Alumni
London, 21/05/2015
Madrid, 7/05/2015

“Neuromarketing applied to smartphones & m-commerce”
Sant Cugat,(Barcelona) 14/05/2015

“Neuromarketing & Mobile: sell more while spending less by understanding how our brain works”
Chairman and Speaker. Savant Events
Berlin, 22/04/2015

“Neuromarketing applied to m-Commerce”
Chapter Esade Alumni
Berlin, 20/04/2015

“El impacto del lenguaje positivo en las marcas”
Foro de las marcas renombradas
Madrid, 16/04/215

“E-Retail Europe”
Amsterdam, 5/11/2014

“Neuromarketing and Retail Conference”
NMSBA Neuromarketing Science & Business Association
Amsterdam, 16/10/2014

“Bases and practices of neuromarketing”
Chapter ESADE Alumni
Moscow, 21/05/2014

“Retail Innovation and Branding”
8th Global Brand Conference
Oporto, 5/04/2013

“Transforming Organisations through Service Innovation & Productivity”
Business and Service Excellence Sharing. Spring Singapore
Singapore, 26/03/2013

“The New Marketing on the CEO’s agenda”
8th Marketing Strategy Forum. Daemon Quest
Madrid, 26/02/2013

Neuromarketing to set business models. Imagination sells
Esade Alumni
Bilbao, 14/11/2013
Madrid, 17/05/2013
Zaragoza, 19/02/2013
Tarragona, 15/01/2013
Valencia, 09/01/2013

Innovation in retail to face new cosumer habits
Innovation week
Igualada (Barcelona), 26/11/2012

“How to make lemonade from a lemon”
Sport Cultura Barcelona, seminar on sponsorship
Barcelona, 20/11/2012

“Pills of retail innovation”
Foro Retail
Madrid, 17/10/2012

“Salt and pepper in the store”
Barcelona, 18/05/2012

Boost innovation through customer inspiration
Universität St. Gallen. 5th St. Gallen Trade Day
Berlin, 13/03/2012

“Meltdown of Core Retail Paradigms”
Grup Idea Pika Pika
Barcelona, 23/02/2012

Analyzing the future challenges of the sector
Immersion day for foodservice cluster strategies
Bages (Barcelona), 22/02/2012

Analyzing the future challenges of the industry
AECOC XII Congress of Processed Meat Products
Lleida, 21/02/2012

Retail Innovation and shopping experience
Retail Leadership Summit 2012
Mumbai (India), 18/01/2012

Beyond the crisis
Challenges and trends in marketing. Forum Marketing.
Barcelona, 24/11/2011

Point of Sale
Madrid, 6/10/2011

Who’s the boss here? (How to be preferred)
Closing conference of “Autoemprego: a vital and professional change”
Allariz (Ourense), 30/09/2011

World Retail Congress Debate: How to put innovation at heart of the “new retailing”
WRC 2011
Berlin, 25/09/2011

Beyond the standard recipes
AECOC Sessions about Retail Innovation
Madrid, 05/07/2011

The Challenges of Business and Management Research for the next 20 years
Aportaciones. Esade
Sant Cugat, 30/06/2011

How to be preferred by customers
Coviran First Congress
Madrid, 21/06/2011

“No sap, no life: strategies to increase the gross margin in the fruit and vegetables retail”
XIII AECOC Congress of fruits and vegetables
Valencia, 15/06/2011

Innovation in retail: new ways to sell to the public
Madrid, 05/06/2011

Philosophy–based shopping experience
Madrid, 23/05/2011

“Dime que sí”. Cómo ser la opción preferida en retail
Reus, 12/05/2011

Managing the context, to lead high-performing organisations
Final Four Barcelona 2011, ESADE y Euroleague Basketball
Barcelona, 07/05/2011

Next practices en márketing
XXII Jornadas Universidad-Empresa UdL
Lleida, 03/05/2011

Social networks and their impact on the retail business
Retail 2.0. On +Off= Shopping experience. Commercial Distribution Sessions
Distribución Actualidad.
Madrid, 07/04/2011

Innovative Marketing
New Trends in Marketing. Funde association of women entrepreneurs and professionals directives.
Lleida, 30/03/2011

Is my brand and my products out of the game?
SME National Congress
Barcelona, 17/03/2011

Retail innovation. Philosophy-based shopping experience
Esomar Conference Insights 2011
Brussels, 01/03/2011

Next Practices in Marketing
I Annual Conference. ESADE Alumni Canary Islands Club
Tenerife (Spain) 17/06/2010

La matrioska de la marca. Pautas para desarrollar marca usando la tienda
X Spanish Congress of Point of Sale Display. Graphispack
Madrid (Spain) 10/06/2010

Jornada de creación e innovación comercial
Gasteiz On and Caja Vital Kutxa
Vitoria (Spain) 9/06/2010

Patrocinio, formas de financiar una causa (cultural, social y deportiva)
Moderator. Sport Cultura Barcelona Seminar
Barcelona (Spain) 27/05/2010

The ideal strategic partner
Moderator. ESOMAR Webinars: The 21st Century skills for researchers webinar series
Amsterdam (Netherlands) 27/05/2010

Hacer de un limón, una limonada
Associació de Comerciants de l’Eixample
Barcelona (Spain) 29/04/2010

Taller d’innovació en retail
Tallers Comerç. Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda de Catalunya
Barcelona (Spain) 14/04/2010 – 19/04/2010

How channel innovation accelerates brand development
6th International Conference of the Academy of Marketing’s Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation SIG. ESADE.
Barcelona (Spain) 9/04/2010 – 11/04/2010

La marca en retail, una revolución en la estrategia de comercialización
Update Programme. ESADE Alumni
Barcelona (Spain) 19/01/2010

La marca en retail, una revolución en la estrategia de comercialización
Update Programme. ESADE Alumni
Valencia (Spain) 15/12/2009

El marketing que viene: las nuevas tendencias del marketing en el mundo
“Jeturbe Emprende 2009-2010” training scheme. Jeturbe Young Entrepreneurs of Benidorm
Alfaz del Pi (Spain) 10/12/2009

Innovar en comercio es rentable, incluso en tiempos de crisis
Provincial Small Business Awards ceremony. Pontevedra Regional Council
Pontevedra (Spain) 12/11/2009

Innovación en el punto de venta
International COSMU 2009 Furniture and Habitat Sector Conference
(Spain) 5/11/2009

Innovación en comercio: factible, viable y ahora imprescindible
2nd Pamplona Ensanche Night
Pamplona (Spain) 27/10/2009

Next Practices in Marketing
Continuity programme of the ESADE Alumni Benelux Chapter
Amsterdam (Nederland) 21/10/2009

Un sketch de la innovación en comercio a escala mundial
Presentation of the ICOB project Trade Indicators of Barcelona
ESADE and the Barcelona Trade Foundation.
Barcelona (Spain) 14/10/2009

La marca en retail, una revolución en la estrategia de comercialización
ESADE Alumni Update Programme 2009-2010
Madrid (Spain) 14/10/2009

Taller d’innovació en el retail
Tallers Comerç. Observatori del Comerç i dels Serveis; Comerç de Catalunya
Barcelona (Spain) 17/06/2009 – 22/07/2009

Noves rutes del comerç tant en la crisi, com després
Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona
Barcelona (Spain) 07/07/2009

La marca en retail: una visión estratégica para defender el valor de la marca
‘Go-to-Market Strategy’ Forum. ESADE; Daemon Quest
Madrid (Spain) 01/07/2009

Sí, realmente podemos dar respuesta a la crisis. El uso de la sensorialidad, filosofía, estadística y neurociencia en el comercio
Confederación Española de Comercio
Madrid (Spain) 19/06/2009

Taller d’innovació per al comerç
Tallers de Millora de Competitivitat de les Pimes Detallistes. Observatori del Comerç i dels Serveis; Comerç de Catalunya
Barcelona (Spain) 17/06/2009

‘Next practices’ en màrqueting
Update session. ESADE ALUMNI
Oviedo (Spain) 04/06/2009

‘Next practices’ en màrqueting
Update session. ESADE ALUMNI
Escaldes – Engordany (Andorra) 28/05/2009

Gestión del comercio en los nuevos tiempos
VI Tertulias en la Trastienda. Bilbao Dendak
Bilbao (Spain) 20/05/2009

Rutas eficaces de innovación en el retailing de hoy
Jornadas Técnicas de Sports Unlimited Valencia
Club de Negocios Sports Unlimited Valencia.
Valencia (Spain) 19/05/2009

De un limón, hacer una limonada. Estadística y neurociencia, bases para afrontar la crisis
Ágora: 2nd Urban Commerce Forum. FYCMA.
Málaga (Spain) 6/05/2009

‘Next practices’ en màrketing
ESADE update session. ESADE Alumni
Barcelona (Spain) 21/04/2009

Innovation routes in marketing
The European House – Ambrosetti.
Torino (Italy) 6/04/2009

Next practices’ en màrketing
ESADE update session. ESADE Alumni
Lleida (Spain) 26/03/2009

Experiencia de compra con partitura
24th trade distribution conference organized by Distribución Actualidad
Distribución Actualidad, the spanish magazine of retail.
Madrid (Spain) 25/03/2009

Innovación inspirada en lo humano
Modacalzado 2009: New shoe moulds for new stops. IFEMA
Madrid (Spain) 17/03/2009

New Practices in Marketing and Sales
ESADE update session. ESADE Alumni French Chapter
Paris (France) 16/03/2009

New frontiers in marketing
Marketing Workshops. The European House – Ambrosetti
Milan (Italy) 3/02/2009

World trends in store design: an interpretation of Euroshop 2008
ESADE’s refresher program. ESADE Alumni Italy Chapter
Milan (Italy) 1/12/2008

Tiendas del futuro: Escribir la propia partitura
10th Basque Trade Week. Basque Chambers of Commerce
Vitoria (Spain) 13/11/2008

Interpretando Euroshop 2008
ESADE’s update session. ESADE Business School
Madrid (Spain) 16/06/2008

Innovación y Tendencias en Deporte y Cultura
Co-organizer and moderator. SportCultura Barcelona and ESADE Alumni Sports Management Club
Barcelona (Spain) 12/06/2008

Las tiendas del futuro
Foro La Región
Ourense (Spain) 3/06/2008

Tendencias en el diseño de tiendas. Interpretando Euroshop 2008
ESADE’s update session
Barcelona (Spain) 21/04/2008

Tendencias internacionales en innovación en retailing y su impacto en las empresas
12th National Hotel & Catering Congress in Asturias. FEHR (Hotel & Catering Spanish Association)
Oviedo (Spain) 8/04/2008

Millorant el ventall no es crea l’aire condicionat. Mètodes per innovar en retailing
1st Andorra Retail Symposium. The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services
Andorra la Vella (Andorra) 22/01/2008

Innovar en retail
Business conference. Chamber of Commerce
Vigo (Spain) 14/12/2007

Innovación que vende
Technical conference about innovation in the retail trade sector
Chamber of Commerce of the Valencia Community.
Castellón (Spain) 12/12/2007

Estrategias de innovación en retailing
5th Annual meeting of the network of open commercial centers in Andalusia
CECA (Confederation of enterprises in commerce of Andalusia).
Punta Umbría (Spain) 3/12/2007

Métodos para innovar en retailing
2nd Convention of the merchant associations and guilds of Catalonia
CCEC (Catalan confederation of entrepreneurs in commerce).
Peralada (Spain) 9/11/2007

Innovación en retailing, también para la Pyme
9th Week of Basque Commerce. Basque Chambers of Commerce
Bilbao (Spain) 24/10/2007

El punto de venta como único escaparate. Cómo inventar una tienda innovadora
9th Week of Basque Commerce. Basque Chambers of Commerce
San Sebastián (Spain) 23/10/2007

Retail innovation learnings from a new retail formula
12th Retail and in-store marketing seminar. Retail Insights
Mechelen (Belgium) 18/10/2007

Patatas calientes del futuro de las empresas en retailing
3rd Global Retail Forum under the umbrella of ExpoRetail. Grupo Planner
Barcelona (Spain) 17/09/2007

Leyendo el partido de las empresas que están en retailing
Tendencias internacionales y su impacto en las cadenas (International trends and their impact on chains).AEGP (Spanish Association of Knitwear). Barcelona (Spain) 5/06/2007

El punto de venta como único escenario
22nd Conference of commercial distribution. Distribución Actualidad
Madrid (Spain) 14/03/2007

Innovación en retailing desde el caso de una nueva fórmula comercial
World research conference – Retail 2007. Esomar
Valencia (Spain) 21/02/2007

El punto de venta. Más que una máquina de vender . Conferences on Home Textiles
Fira de Valencia
Valencia (Spain) 31/01/2007

Comerç tradicional versus comerç franquiciat.Technical conference
Fundació UdL – FECOM
Lleida (Spain) 27/04/2006

An address during the session “Grow winning markets”. Fundesem
Alicante (Spain) 18/04/2006

Looking for excellence in retailing
Marketing Community Conference. SDA Bocconi
Milan (Italy) 15/03/2006

Retail, el templo de las marcas
Rethink the basis of communication – International workshop based on the latest trends in communication. Business association of Advertising. Barcelona (Spain) 2/03/2006

Rompiendo moldes en retail: más allá de los tópicos
Address organized by ESADE as part of the program of Professional Encounters. ExpoRetail 2006
Madrid (Spain) 17/02/2006

Fent marca en retail
Workshop: To innovate in commerce. Trends and strategies. Seeking to create new business concepts. Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona. Barcelona (Spain) 1/02/2006

Soluciones en concierto. Una forma de “coopetir”. Congresses AECOC 2005
AECOC (Spanish Association of Commercial Codification)
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) 26/10/2005

Caso Dove: Marca
World Marketing and Sales Forum. HSM
Madrid (Spain) 18-19/10/2005

Com es pot fer que un comerç esdevingui marca?
3rd Professional business conference: The key to success, opportunities, and leadership / brand. Cecot.
Terrassa (Spain) 26/09/2005

Creating orchestrated solutions
Workshop “Strategic planning practices, models and trends”. IBC
Sao Paulo (Brazil) 16/08/2005

Creación de soluciones en orquesta
Workshop “Passion for Marketing”. The Market Team of ESADE
Barcelona (Spain) 21/07/2005

La gestión del crecimiento de las cadenas de retail
Conference and debate. Comertia
Barcelona (Spain) 30/06/2005

La pastisseria pot tenir marca
Conference discussion. Board of the Group of women confectioners of the Provincial professional union of confectioners
Tarragona (Spain) 13/06/2005

El marketing en el sector inmobiliario. Una asignatura pendiente
Lecture. GRUP XXI
San Cugat del Vallès (Spain) 9/06/2005

La pastisseria i la seva marca. Cóm aconseguir personalitat pròpia en el mercat
Conference at the National Congress of Confectioners 2005. Professional union of confectioners of Barcelona
Barcelona (Spain) 11/04/2005

Sharing insights about retail branding
The Zyman Institute of Brand Sciencie (Goizueta Business School-Universidad de Emory)
Atlanta (USA) 31/03/2005

Creando marca e innovando en retail
Business University
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) 17/03/2005

Leyendo el partido del retail de farma. El caso Proxfarma
Co-authors: Closa, Maribel (Boehringer Ingelheim), Subirá, Bernat (Novartis)Infarma (Congress of European pharmacies)
Barcelona (Spain) 3/03/2005

Reinventando la estrategia de canales de distribución
Conference in the cycle “Marketing in the 21st century”.Confederation of entrepreneurs of Ourense (CEO)
Ourense (Spain) 4/03/2005

Liderazgo de marcas
Event within the conference “Renowned brands, a strategic asset for the internationalization of Spanish enterprises”. Foundation Ramón Areces
Madrid (Spain) 2/12/2004

Marketing y Comercial en la restauración. Algunas reflexiones para innovar
Conference at the Food Services Forum. Trade fair of Barcelona (Hostelco), Greco, and Daemon Quest
Barcelona (Spain) 25/10/2004

El marketing en el sector inmobiliario ¿Una asignatura pendiente?
8th International Symposium. Barcelona Meeting Point, International real-estate fair
Barcelona (Spain) 30/09/2004

Más actores y menos espectadores
Imaginarium World Convention 2004
Zaragoza (Spain) 20/09/2004

Retail branding through Retail Innovation
8th International Conference of Retailing & Commercial Distribution. Teaching and Research Issues. EAERCD (The European Association for Education and Research in Consumer Distribution) – LCC (London College of Communication), University of the Arts
London (UK) 1/07/2004

Construyendo marca en el comercio
Conferences on Retail management. Chamber of Commerce
Terrassa (Spain) 24/05/2004

The Impact of Commercialisation on the Identity of Sport
Moderator of Round table in the cycle of conferences Sport & Business
Barcelona (Spain) 14/05/2004

La marca en el retail
5th Professional Meeting on Retail Management and Marketing in the Canary Islands. Foundation Mapfre Guanarteme of the Canary Islands
Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) 13/05/2004

Usando Internet para hacer marketing. Reflexiones iniciales sobre e-marketing
Business brunch. ESADE-ANETCOM
Valencia (Spain) 11/03/2004

Factores clave para la innovación en distribución comercial
BIMM 2004 (Barcelona International Marketing Meeting)
Barcelona (Spain) 18/03/2004

Convirtiendo el retail en una experiencia de compra ¡Qué caro va el kilo de moléculas!
1st Forum on Strategic Marketing. Daemon Quest
Madrid-Barcelona (Spain) 12-19/02/2004

Metodología para crear innovación en el comercio. Professional meetings
ExpoRetail. Trade fair of commercial spaces, services and equipment
Madrid (Spain) 23/01/2004

Hay vida más allá del NIF. Reflexiones de negocio, hechas por alguien no experto en sistemas de información
RossWorld 2003 Spain. Ross Systems
Barcelona (Spain) 25/11/2003

El marketing del siglo XXI
Marketing discussion group. AEDEMO
Barcelona (Spain) 19/11/2003

La gestión inteligente de la información. Más allá de las cifras, el palpitar de los clientes
2nd Conference on Customer Intelligence. Esade & Daemon Quest
Madrid and Barcelona (Spain) 1-15/10/2003

Retail innovation learnings from the segmented shop formula of Sunka
Retailing/Category Management conference. Co-author: Xavier Roure. Esomar
Dublin (Ireland) 27-28/10/ 2003

City Marketing Insights. Enfoque estratégico para la promoción de las ciudades
Conference “Promotion and Commercialization of Tourist Destinations”
Commission of Tourism of the FEMP and of the Spanish Convention Bureau
Alicante (Spain) 31/10/2003

El retail marketing y la sensorialidad. Ingredientes de las fórmulas comerciales innovadoras
New scenarios in commerce: the customer conquest. 4th Meeting on Art and Culture. Universidad del País Vasco
Bilbao (Spain) 16/07/2003

La reestructuración del modelo de negocio del B2B y del B2C
Conference within the 3rd Edition of the J.D Edwards users meeting of Spain and Portugal. Aujep – J.D Edwards
Madrid (Spain) 18/06/2003

Retos y cambios en la dirección de marketing del futuro
AAAE (Association of ESADE Alumni)
Barcelona (Spain) 27/03/2003

Nous avenços de la gestió de la intel·ligència de la informació en màrqueting
Moderator of the Customer Intelligence Conference: Beyond the figures, the flutter of the clients. AAAE (Association of ESADE Alumni)
Barcelona (Spain) 27/03/2003

Usuarios: necesidades y respuestas. La calidad de los servicios de información
8th Spanish Conferences on Documentation. Coord. COBCD (Official Association of Librarians and Documentalists of Catalonia) Fesabid (Spanish Association of archivistics, bibliotechnology, doc. and museistic)
Barcelona (Spain) 6-8/02/2003

¡Eh! ¿Quién ha cambiado el guión? Los retos de marketing de las Ferias, al inicio del siglo XXI
9th Congress of Fairs. FEFIC (Catalonian Fairs Federation)
Cornellà (Spain) 01/2003

Grandes claves en los negocios entre empresas, desde un enfoque de estrategia de management
Conference E-Business of Spain. Marcus Evans
Málaga (Spain) 11-13/11/2002

Estrategia de precios
Marcus Evans
Barcelona (Spain) 14-15/11/2002

Las tecnologias de información- el aumento y la competencia de las Pymes
13th Congress on enterprises and social values
Barcelona (Spain) 10/2002

Present i futur de l’hoquei patins
Round table discussion. Fundació Cultural Cal Blé
Igualada (Spain) 10/10/2002

Weighting up the presence in Internet to get better results
Session moderator. AAAE (Association of ESADE Alumni)
Barcelona (Spain) 10/2002

Encajando el e-commerce dentro de la distribución comercial. ¿Qué hay de nuevo? ¿Qué hay de permanente?
Conference on new technologies and electronic commerce. Council of the Chambers of the Community of Valencia
Valencia (Spain) 18/09/2002

Construyendo calidad. La metodología para abordar un plan de mejora de la calidad
1st Conference on quality and business excellence. CEO (Business Confederation of Ourense), 25th anniversary
Ourense (Spain) 19/06/2002

Retos empresariales que se plantean hoy a los Directores de Sistemas de Información. Quien no se mueva, no sale en la foto
Finaki sessions on computing and communications. Finaki Spain
Zahara de los Atunes – Tarifa (Spain) 6/06/2002

Food retailing in the World. Development of National and Local Chains
Retailing Symposium. Food Retailing in Turkey 2010
Istanbul (Turkey) 30/05/2002

Els nous reptes de la direcció comercial i del màrqueting
Forum 2001
Lleida (Spain) 18/04/2002

Presència a Internet: quin tipus de presència a la xarxa és la millor per a la meva empresa?
Conference e-business Internet. Chamber of Commerce
Barcelona (Spain) 26/03/2002 – 26/02/2002

Nuevos valores para una nueva economía
Opening session of the 5th AECOC Convention on Hardware and DIYAECOC
Valencia (Spain) 6/02/2002

Zumeando Internet en el 2002
Conference ¿Qué pasará en Internet en el 2002? (What will happen in Internet in 2002?). Infonomia
Barcelona (Spain) 4/12/2001

El E-business en España. Dónde estamos y qué planteamientos empresariales se pueden hacer
Spanish E-Business conference. Marcus Evans
Torrequebrada (Spain) 26-28/11/2001

Oportunidades que ofrece Internet a las Centrales de Compras y Servicios
Paper presented at the National Congress of Sales and Service Centrals about Strategies of Sales and Sales + Services in the new millennium. ANCECO
Terrassa (Spain) 10/2000

Alternativas del pequeño comercio – frente al gran comercio
Federation of Commerce
Ourense (Spain) 09/2000

Retos de los Gerentes de Centros Urbanos
Training programme for urban Centre Managers. Generalitat Valenciana, ITEM
Elche (Spain) 25/11/1999

Los retos de la distribución comercial textil en el futuro. Desde la calma chicha hasta la turbulencia
Technical conferences about Fashion and Distribution. Asegema
Mataró (Spain) 11/11/1999

Tendencias del márketing deportivo
Presentation at the Sports Conference. IEI in collaboration with INEFC
Lleida (Spain) 2/12/1998

Las tendencias del comercio, con especial aplicación al sector de materiales de construcción
Conference on the building materials retail sector. Uralita, ESADE and Caja de Madrid
Barcelona (Spain) 27/10/1998

Recomendaciones para la mejor comercialización de la fruta fresca
Conferences on fruits. Comitè Econòmic de la Fuita Dolça
La Seu d’Urgell (Spain) 11/1997

Aspectos clave en la distribución de fruta fresca
Conferences on Commercial distribution trends applied to fruits. College of Economists and University of Lleida
Lleida (Spain) 19/11/1997

Participation in the session: Local competition and strategies
4th EAERCD European Conference. EAERCD (European Association for Education and Research in Commercial Distribution)
París (France) 4-5/07/1996

Marketing strategies and design requirements for the points of sales
Lecturer and co-director of the Conferences on point of sales design
Elisava, School of Design
Barcelona (Spain) 10-11/06/1996

Estratègia de fidelitat dels clients
University of Lleida
Lleida (Spain) 22/12/1995

Métodos para incrementar la rentabilidad del comercio
Commerce conferences
Alicante (Spain) 12/12/1995

Nuevos formatos y fórmulas comerciales
3rd Congress of Commerce in the Community of Valencia
Castellón (Spain) 14/11/1994

Aspectos clave para la gestión de la calidad en la empresa minorista
Catalan Congress on Quality
Barcelona (Spain) 20/09/1994

Incidencia del consumerismo en la configuración de la oferta comercial
European Congress, Consumers associations
Barcelona (Spain) 11/1993

Marketing through cooperation between companies
Finland 10/1993

Logistec ’92
Technical director and moderador of Logistec ’92. Logistic optimisation for consumer satisfaction
Barcelona (Spain) 01/1992

Captación y fidelidad del cliente
Conference on commerce and service quality
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) 11/1991

Hot topics in retailing
1st Conference on Commerce and Distribution
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) 11/1990

Segmentation by lifestyle of the consumers in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area
Edinburgh (Ireland) 04/1989

Marketing of shopping centres
Conference on the management of shopping centres. Community of Madrid Directorate-General of Trade and Consumer Affairs
Madrid (Spain) 1988

Tendencias de la nueva distribución comercial
Conferences sponsored by the Fashion and Design Promotion Centre
University of the Basque Country
Bilbao (Spain) 07/1987

Experiencias prácticas españolas en la implantación de cadenas franquiciadas
Eurocomercio. Trade Fair of distribution and commercial equipment
Madrid (Spain) 04/1986

Cómo revitalizar el comercio rural
1st Conference on rural retail
Lleida (Spain) 10/1985

4ª Jornadas sobre tendencias del comercio
Organiser and speaker
Department of Commerce and Tourism of the Generalitat and Fecom
Lleida (Spain) 1984

3ª Jornadas sobre tendencias del comercio
Coordinator and speaker. Department of Commerce and Tourism of the Generalitat and Fecom
Lleida (Spain) 1983

2ª Jornadas sobre tendencias del comercio
Organiser and speaker. Department of Commerce and Tourism of the Generalitat and Fecom
Lleida (Spain) 1982

1ª Jornadas sobre tendencias del comercio
Organiser and speaker. Department of Commerce and Tourism of the Generalitat and Fecom
Lleida (Spain) 1981