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IKEA is undergoing change: analysis of the new urban store in Paris

It is not a secret that IKEA is changing its retail strategy. Its big stores in the outskirts of cities (the so-called ‘blue boxes’) still attract its loyal customers, but now the Swedish brand is also conquering the city centres.

Within this process of change, it is ‘experimenting’ with different models of urban stores. It started some time ago opening small pop-up stores in some cities and it has continued with the opening of stores which are specialised in a concrete area of the house. This is the case of Madrid, where there is a store focused on everything related with bedrooms in Serrano Street and another store specialised in the living room area in Goya Street, and also in Stockholm where there is a store specialised in the kitchen. 

Recently, on May 6th, IKEA France has launched a new store format. This time in the heart of Paris, in La Madeleine district. One of the main differences with the other urban stores is that here the customer can practically find all the range of IKEA products.

The store has been conceptualised, from the beginning, on the basis of the Parisians way of living. The brain-pleasing marketing strategy has been applied in order to provide the inhabitants of Paris with a new and easier way of purchasing.

In this LinkedIn article, you can read the complete interpretation that I have done of this new store.

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