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Going beyond emotional connection to make customers choose us repeatedly.

© Photo Josep Maria Ribes

Often, we listen to business people talking about the need to create an emotional connection with their clients. Indeed, I have to admit that some years ago even I believed that this should be the core objective to be achieved by any company.

Knowing the customers’ preferences allows us to adapt our brand, products or services to their tastes, keeping them preferring us instead of our competitors. Until recently, understanding the emotional impact that a brand or product had on a customer was pretty much indecipherable, but for some years now the so called ‘neuromarketing techniques’ have made life easier for the companies in this regard.

However, thanks to neuroscience we know that while connecting emotionally to our customers is a must in order to raise their interest in our brand, this will not ensure that they keep preferring us over other brands.

That is why, more than an emotional connection, we need to create a positive sentiment in our clients. This will allow that they keep choosing us again and again, and that they end up saying ‘This is my brand’.

In my latest article on LinkedIn I explain more in detail the importance of distinguishing between emotion and sentiment, and how to create this sentiment towards a given brand. You can read the complete text on this link.

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