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Published articles

Is it that white? Retail branding, from a different angle.
Distribución Actualidad. Number 384
December 2007 (Madrid)

Did the jury of BCN make a mistake? Proposal of vocabulary to understand retailing.
Distribución Actualidad. Number 383
November 2007 (Madrid)

Herd Marqueting. Social interaction affects retail management.
Distribución Actualidad. Number 382
October 2007 (Madrid)

Living in the city or to live the city.
Acció. Number 4. (publicación prof. de Turisme de Lleida)
December 2002 (Lleida)

Runing a commercial network today. Challenge or hot potato?
Co-author: Gerard Costa. Revista Esade Asociación. Number 100.
September/October 2002 (Barcelona)

E-logistics today. Expert analysis on expectations and questions arising from internet business, from the B2C and B2B point of view.
MYA. Logística, distribución y transporte
June 2002 (Barcelona)

Electronic commerce for 2002: making use of Internet
Código 84. Number 89 (Publication of AECOC)
January/February 2002 (Barcelona)

The coo-petence
Euromadi Noticias. Number 28
December 2001 (Barcelona)

Facing the future, collaborating with the competition. The coo-petence.
Dulces Noticias
November 2001 (Barcelona)

Time changes, so does training
Innova. Number 7 (Publication of Federación de Comercio)
April 2001 (Lleida)

Being is not the same as existing (!). The presence of Spanish distribution in Internet
Comercio Electrónico
October /November/ December 2000

International approach to the innovation in commercial distribution
Empresa Avanzada. Number 7
May 2000

Promotions and their future
Código 84. Number 78 (Publication of AECOC)
May-June 2000 (Barcelona)

The emergence of e-commerce in Spain
Templeton, The European Retail Digest. Number 25 (Publication Oxford Institute of Retail Management)
March 2000 (Oxford)

The internationalisation of retailing in Poland and Lithuania
Publication Phare – The journal of the European Union. Number 14
Winter 1999-2000 (Lodz -Poland)

Electronic commerce marketing
Código 84 (Publication of AECOC)
January 2000

Carrefour-Promodès. The big business
Código 84. Special edition for AECOC Congress
November-December 1999 (Barcelona)

And if we had to get up to date? Some management trends for retail companies about to step into the new century
Código 84. Number 70 (Publication of AECOC)
January-February 1999 (Barcelona)

Why did I advice Plus Fresc this way?
Código 84. Number 67 (Publication of AECOC)
July-August 1998 (Barcelona)

Views on franchising
Esade Associació. Number 66 (Publication of AAAE)
December 1995 (Barcelona)

The Sunday shopping according to different kinds of consumers
Código 84. Number 42 (Publication of AECOC)
May-June 1994 (Barcelona)

Commercial distribution trends in Spain
Código 84. Number 38 (Publication of AECOC)
September-October 1993 (Barcelona)

Does the ideal commercial establishment exist?
Mol. Co-author: Rosa Franch. Number 1 (Publication of AECC)
January 1991 (Madrid)

Coexistence between franchising and the conventional distribution system
European Management Journal. Co-author: M. Clavel. Volume 7, nº2
June 1989

Commercial Distribution: award to the wise
European Management Journal. Volume 7, nº2, pg. 180-181
June 1989

Wisdom in commercial distribution
Código 84. Number 12 (Publication of AECOC)
May-June 1989 (Barcelona)

Doing better what others do as a routine
MK, Marketing y ventas para directivos
April 1988 (Madrid)

How to start a franchise
Distribución Actualidad. Number 139.
May 1987 (Madrid)

How to set up a franchising system
MK, Marketing y ventas para directivos. Number 1
February 1987 (Madrid)

The Franchise
Revista Alimac. Pages from 11 to 13
June-July 1985

Innovación en Retail
Tres días y medio de inmersión conceptual y experimental
Marketing & Ventas nº 290, pg 74-82
Sep/Oct 2013 (Madrid)

80% of what we buy is so unconscious
Interview for El Punt Avui
January 30th 2013

Marketing is changing, very much
Interview for Diari Ara
January 14th 2013

Creating customer loyalty
El País (Idearium)
November 19th 2012

Size matters in sports marketing
Cinco Días (Opinion)
October 6th 2009

Alice: a milestone in commercialization history
Cinco Días (Opinion)
July 17th 2009

Interpreting Mercadona’s move
Cinco Días (Opinion)
May 1st 2009

What stakes between Ryanair and travel agencies
Expansión Catalunya
August 19th 2008

Trading on-line
Dossier Econòmic de Catalunya
February 15th 2003, Barcelona

Location: space or communication
Retail & Forcadell (Corporate publication)
July 2002, Barcelona

The reflection of people´s culture – About the Diagonal Mar shopping centre
El Periódico (Economy page)
October 13th 2001, Barcelona

Shopping centres that become important
El Periódico (Note about economy)
August 31st 2001, Barcelona

What is the future like for local markets?
February 4th 2001, Lleida

Tax on superstores
El Periódico (Note about economy)
December 28th 2000, Barcelona

To toe the line
El Periódico (Note about economy)
December 9th 2000, Barcelona

Roller hockey at Lleida, a sport rooted among Lleida´s people
Ressó de Ponent. Number 180
June 2000, Lleida

A lemonade from a lemon, the impact of the new Carrefour group
Actel informativo (Corporate publication)
November 1999, Lleida

Carrefour, the summer storm
El Periódico (Article of the day)
September 13th 1999, Barcelona

The big food superstores in Catalonia. A historical moment in commerce
El Periódico (Topic of the day)
September 9th 1999, Barcelona

More competition and means seeking entertainment
La Mañana (Sports)
December 20th 1998, Lleida

Fruits, a very delicate product
Actel informativo (Corporate publication)
July 1998, Lleida

The impact of music on the shopping process
Crea. Number 1 (Publication of SGAE)
June 1998, Madrid

Franchise sales, a booming activity
Diari de Barcelona (Economy section)
April 11th 1988, Barcelona

External impacts on retailing (2)
Boletín de La Paeria (Publication of Ajuntament de Lleida)
December 1994, Lleida

External impacts on retailing (1)
Boletín de La Paeria (Publication of Ajuntament de Lleida)
November 1994, Lleida

The distribution sector can modify the CPI
Gaceta de los negocios
May 16th 1991

The small retailer, the large retailer and the consumer
Ressó de Ponent
January 1991, Lleida

The better the marketing, the greater the profitability of optical stores
Indo Noticias (Corporate publication)
1990, Barcelona

The success of the retailer
Diario 16
July 13th 1988, Barcelona

The success of the electric appliances retailer
Safel (Corporate Publication)
June 1988

The franchise. Associated commerce and distribution systems
La Vanguardia
June 26th 1985, Barcelona

Commerce brings service and savings to the collectivity. The reason of being of retailing
June 5th 1984, Lleida

It´s time to change
La Mañana
September 2nd 1981, Lleida

Communicate an sell
La Mañana
June 12th 1981, Lleida

Look far. You won´t fail. Where is our commerce going?
La Mañana
May 14th 1981, Lleida


Special contributions as an expert

Revisionismo Histórico
Wrtier: Alicia Davara. Point of view. Distribución Actualidad. No. 361
July 2006

IBM´s Retail Summit 2006. “Meeting current challenges in the Retail Industry – How retailers are keeping up with today´s demanding consumers”
IBM Research Laboratory.
July 10 & 11, 2006, La Gaude (France)

“Soy un anuncio, ¿me aceptas?”. La tecnología ‘bluetooth’ permite publicidad personalizada y consentida en el móvil
Writer: Mar Galtés. La Vanguardia
March 17th 2006, Barcelona

El fabricante de templos. “Una tienda es una máquina de vender, un lugar de socialización, un templo de la marca.”
Presston. Feedback
March 15th 2006

‘Para competir, lo mejor es innovar, montar una historia diferente’
Interview. Expansión Catalunya. Firms and Finance.
May 20th, 2005

FTF (Future Trend Forum) – Participant as an expert
I, II and III FTF. Organized by the Bankinter Foundation for Innovation.
2002-03-04 (Madrid)

or media: Valor Afegit. TV Programme. Canal 33
June 7th 2004

“Sharing commercial information means savings, rapidity and efficiency”
Interview by Josep Alet. MK Marketing + Ventas. Marketing, Sales and Communication for Executives and Professionals. No. 190
April 2004

Artículo sobre los directivos y el uso de internet
Dossier Económic de Catalunya
January 18th 2003, Barcelona

Monographic on Electronic Commerce/ICTs
Interview. La Cámara. Magazine of the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Naveigation. No. 118
November-December 2002, Valencia.

La especialización y consumidor, claves para el futuro
AECOC. Código 84. No. 84
May-April 2002, Barcelona

Plus el supermercado-e revelación del año
Código 84. No. 88
January-February 2002, Barcelona

El impuesto de las grandes superfícies
El Periódico
December 28th 2000, Barcelona

Els joves d´avui, la societat del futur
Author: B. Bobet. Segre
December 24th 2000, Lleida

70 worldwide innovations in Companies where going shopping has become a pleasure
Gemeni Consulting. Spain: Innovaciones de Supsa (Supermercados Pujol).

La batalla de las grandes superficies. Del ultramario al híper. Los nuevos modelos de vida impulsaron los megamercados

Writer: A. Ortí. La Vanguardia. Sunday supplement (magazine)
September 5th 1999, Barcelona

Los trucos que nos hacen comprar
Writer: Antonio Ortí. La Vanguardia. Sunday supplement (magazine)
September 22nd 1998, Barcelona

O marketing e farmacia. Marketing das farmacias
OFFARM Noticias
January 1998, Lisboa

Dos mejor que una. Publicidad conjunta
Writer: Núria Fernández. Dirigentes
May 1997, Madrid



Market Research Best Practice. 30 visions for the future
Retail innovation learnings from a segmented shop. Formula Sunka.
(Part six: Best Practice cases).
Authors: Martínez-Ribes, Lluís & Roure, Xavier
Edited by Peter Mouncey, Frank Wimmer – John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Esomar World Research Publication, 2007. ISBN: 978-0-470-06527-3

Helping retailers Stop Customers. Migration by Sifting through their Data Warehouses
Authors: Martínez- Ribes, Ll., Angell, N.,  Aguado, J.C. and Ortega, O.
International EAERCD Conference on Retail innovation.
ESADE. Barcelona, January 2000

Year book of Topics and their protagonists 1999. [Franchises, a growth strategy]
Authors: Martínez- Ribes, LLuís & Franch, Rosa.
Grupo Planeta DeAgostini. Barcelona, 1999

The Olympic Museum Shop [European Cases in retailing]
Authors: Martínez- Ribes, Lluís & De Mayo Vigaray, M. Dolores
Coordination: Marc Dupuis and John Dawson
Backwel Publishers. Oxford (UK), 1999.

Entry strategies of foreign retailers into Spain and the reaction of domestic retailers
Document of the Working group for the commerce development in Poland and Lithuania.
Lodz (Poland), September 1996

Reality and dynamics of Purchase Groups in Spain. Comparison with those of the United Kingdom.
Study in collaboration with John A. Dawson (Edinburgh University), Susan Shaw (Strathclyde Univ., Glasgow), Sure Tresánchez (ESADE)
1994 – 1995

Training of directors and sales managers of Spanish commercial enterprises.
Research carried out with the collaboration of Sure Tresanchez, within the project Force, commissioned by the DGXXIII of the European Union
Study done in 1993-1994

Intersport Spain case
Cases in retailing
May 1994

Guía de la franquicia [Las ventajas del sistema de la franquicia]
Edited by Conselleria d´Industria, Comerç i Turisme and Cámara Ofic. Comercio, Industria y Navegación de Valencia. Valencia, 1989

Aspectos estratégicos de la gestión empresarial.  [Introducción a la distribución commercial]
Del Castillo editor
Bilbao, 1989

Segmentation by consumer lifestyles in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona
Authors: Martínez- Ribes, Lluís & Cisneros, Guillermo
Papers Esade, number 8. Barcelona, July 1988

La franquicia. La comercialització sota el sitema de franquicia
Generalitat de Catalunya. Commerce, Consumption & Tourism department.
Barcelona, 1987

Sistemas de informacion en marketing
Authors: Martínez-Ribes, Ll., Cisneros, G. & Rustarazo, R.
Training manual. La Caixa. Barcelona, 1987-88

Estudio del comercio de frontera en el Baix Aran
La Caixa
Barcelona, 1986

Conclusions sobre l´estructura comercial de Lleida
La Paeria, Ajuntament de Lleida
Lleida, 1985