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Retail for “OnOff” people

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Who are your biggest competitors?

Many times the answers to this question are very similar: a list of brand names that operate in the sector in question.
Every now and then the reply is a bit better: it may include some players who, even though not belonging to the same sector, compete for the very same customers’ money, time and attention.

But what if I told you your biggest competitor may not be the company that, at first sight, seems the most obvious one? What if it actually isn’t a company at all? What if your biggest competitors are your own customers?

Today, most people in most countries have –metaphorically speaking– much longer hands. We are now constantly receiving and sending ‘things’ (technically speaking ‘stimuli’) via our tiny smartphones screens.

In short time, these –let me call them ‘e-bodies’– have changed our lives enormously.

The great frequency with which we use the e-bodies creates a habit. This influences in a non-conscious way people’s behavior (for example, the way we purchase things), as well as their sensitivities (for example, the sensitivity about how their time is spent).

If a company practically does the same as it did 10 years ago, it is quite likely that its customers have overtaken this company. Now this company has a very tough new competitor: its former customers whose lives have changed.

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